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Subject Fwd: New Ad on air now!
Date February 8, 2020 2:33 AM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Jack —

Real quick: Did you get Caitlin’s message last night about our new ad spot?

You can make sure Tulsi is heard where it matters, before it’s too late. Can you chip-in $25 now to help make this ad buy to our biggest ever? [[link removed]]

New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state, offers a unique opportunity to supercharge our campaign at this critical juncture. Every day, at town halls all across the state (and there’s been more than 100) people show up to listen, and then leave feeling heard. In the audiences are progressives, libertarians, Democrats,Republicans, people who voted for Obama, people who voted for Trump, and people who have never before voted and just need a reason.

Tulsi is that reason, a candidate who always puts people before politics and service above self. Let’s make sure everyone knows it:

GET THIS AD ON THE AIR [[link removed]]




The next 5 days are make or break for our campaign. After the Iowa disaster, doing well in New Hampshire is critical for every candidate left, including Tulsi. I hope you’ll give me a moment of your time to explain how we emerge from New Hampshire stronger than ever :

First, the exciting news: DESPITE this week’s shockingly undemocratic decision by CNN to deny Tulsi a televised town hall, our voices WILL be heard.

We crushed our January fundraising goal and because of that were able to pull together an aggressive new ad buy which — with your help today — will mean THIS new spot will be heard by virtually everyone tuning-in across the Granite State over the coming 5 days:

[link removed] [[link removed]]

CHIP IN TO GET THIS ON THE AIR » [[link removed]]

Now, the less good news: We’re down to the absolute wire, Jack. While billionaires and candidates polling well below Tulsi in the Granite State are tonight being handed MILLIONS in free advertising with CNN’s nationally televised town halls, Tulsi and our movement are having to work 10 times as hard on the ground to bypass the corporate media’s attempts to silence us.

Tulsi has held more town halls in New Hampshire than ANY other candidate, speaking directly with voters every single day... and it’s working.

We’re spending EVERYTHING we raise right now on getting Tulsi in front of voters, and getting her message on the airwaves that refuse to cover our campaign. To do this we need an urgent surge in fundraising right now to hit our $1.5 million NH goal and make sure THIS AD saturates the airwaves. Can you chip-in $25 now to close the gap? [[link removed]]

It is up to all of us, today, to ensure that 5 days from now no one in New Hampshire can say “I didn’t know I could vote for Tulsi.” No one gets to pick the winners and losers of this election except for the American people, this is what we’re fighting for. This is why we’re standing with Tulsi.

Let’s make these 5 days count.

Caitlin Pomerantz
Deputy Campaign Director

DONATE » [[link removed]]

PS — When CNN decided they get to tell voters what voices matter in their own state, our movement said otherwise. Yesterday more than 125 people showed up to the town hall venue and made their voices heard. We should not have to go to these lengths to expect a fair election, but that’s what happens when you dare to take on powerful establishment institutions. Thank you to everyone who is standing with Tulsi in speaking truth to power. Now let’s show America how powerful We, The People are: [[link removed]]

CNN Protest, New Hampshire [[link removed]]

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