From Lucas Kunce <[email protected]>
Subject [WATCH] A message from Jon Hamm to Missouri about Manhood, courage, Josh Hawley, and this U.S. Senate race.
Date May 22, 2023 1:14 PM
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[1]Lucas Kunce for U.S. Senate

John — Jon
Hamm's got a message for Missouri. [ [link removed] ]See it in our latest ad:

[ [link removed] ]Click here to watch a special message for Missouri from Jon Hamm.

[ [link removed] ]Click here to watch a special message to Missouri from Jon Hamm, then
chip in $10 or more to help me replace Josh Hawley in the
U.S. Senate »

Any born-and-raised Missourian will tell you: This is the Show Me State.

But the only thing Josh Hawley has shown us during his time in the U.S.
Senate is how to be a fraud and a coward — from skittering away from the
same mob he raised his fist for outside the Capitol on January 6th to
using his own power to strip away rights for everyday people in Missouri
and all across the country.

This election is our opportunity to defeat him. Hawley won his last race
with only 51% of the vote. In the years since, his approval has dropped to
just 42% — and in Missouri’s last Senate race during a presidential
election, the margin was only 2.7%.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy — after all, GOP insiders at the
NRSC haven’t stopped attacking me since the day I got into this race — but
we really can win this.

[ [link removed] ]So
will you help us defeat Josh Hawley and flip Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat
by adding your
first donation of $10 or more to my
grassroots campaign today? Your support right now gives us the resources
to keep delivering this message to voters every day between now and
Election Day.

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It’s about time Missourians had a U.S. Senator who will actually stand up
and look out for them — not a fraud who’s obsessed with defining what it
means to be a man.

Thanks for standing with me,



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