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Subject The Unz Digest - February 7, 2020
Date February 7, 2020 6:36 PM
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The Unz Review Digest - February 7, 2020

The continuing story of the Coronavirus still captured our most top spots this last week, with Godfree Robertsâ early piece getting a strong second-wind and easily retaining first place and Whitney Webbâs lengthy analysis holding second. The latter in particular noted the considerable evidence that American research labs had engaged in bioweapons development over the decades and some of the suspicions that the deadly virus outbreak might not be entirely disconnected from this terrifying possibility.

Third place was held by C.J. Hopkins discussion of the Trump reelection campaign, noting that the huge problems of the various competing Democratic candidates suggests that Trump might have an unexpectedly easily time getting reelected, with is bitter enemies beginning to hope for some other means of removing him from office.

Our fourth most popular featured article was another hold-over from the previous week, namely my own extremely lengthy analysis of the history of the Israeli Mossad, and the strong evidence that it had been heavily involved in some of the most famous attacks on American soil, namely the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks against New York City and the Pentagon, with the heated discussion thread now rapidly approaching 100,000 words.

Fifth place was held by a Vladislav Krasnovâs extended discussion of the recent controversial claims by New York Times columnist Bret Stephens regarding âJewish Genius,â and the historical evidence of Jewish activities in Russia in this regard.

Finally, rounding out our most popular featured articles was Robert Hamptonâs focus on the so-called â1619 Projectâ of the New York Times, claiming that the importation of black slaves represented the central fact of Americaâs founding, a thesis strongly rebutted by many mainstream and liberal academic historians.
Coronavirus: the Dark Side (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/)
Godfree Roberts (/author/godfree-roberts/)
â¢Â 367 Comments (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/#comments)
Vioxx killed 500,000 Americans: a toll that could have been reduced by 90% had the FDA issued a timely warning. Pharmaceuticals, correctly and legally prescribed, kill 140,000 Americans each year, yet most people are unaware of their lethality and do not know how to a prevent being killed this way. Coronavirus deaths are few, its... Read More (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/)
Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (/wwebb/bats-gene-editing-and-bioweapons-recent-darpa-experiments-raise-concerns-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/)
Whitney Webb (/author/whitney-webb/)
â¢Â 183 Comments (/wwebb/bats-gene-editing-and-bioweapons-recent-darpa-experiments-raise-concerns-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/#comments)
WASHINGTON D.C. â In recent weeks, concern over the emergence of a novel coronavirus in China has grown exponentially as media, experts and government officials around the world have openly worried that this new disease has the potential to develop into a global pandemic. As concerns about the future of the ongoing outbreak have grown,... Read More (/wwebb/bats-gene-editing-and-bioweapons-recent-darpa-experiments-raise-concerns-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/)
Dead President Walking (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/)
C.J. Hopkins (/author/c-j-hopkins/)
â¢Â 142 Comments (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/#comments)
I never thought Iâd hear myself say this, but Iâm a little worried about Donald Trump. Iâm worried he may be on the verge of a sudden, major heart attack, or a stroke, or a fatal golfing accident. Food poisoning is another possibility. Or he could overdose on prescription medication. A tanning bed mishap is... Read More (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/)
American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/)
The JFK Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks?
Ron Unz (/author/ron-unz/)
â¢Â 565 Comments (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/?showcomments#comments)
The January 2nd American assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani of Iran was an event of enormous moment. Gen. Soleimani had been the highest-ranking military figure in his nation of 80 million, and with a storied career of 30 years, one of the most universally popular and highly regarded. Most analysts ranked him second in influence... Read More (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/)
Sighing at the Secrets of Jewish Genius (/article/sighing-at-the-secrets-of-jewish-genius/)
Rebuttal to Bret Stephensâs The New York Times Column
Vladislav Krasnov (/author/vladislav-krasnov/)
â¢Â 188 Comments (/article/sighing-at-the-secrets-of-jewish-genius/#comments)
The most revealing part of Bret Stephensâs article The Secrets of Jewish Genius carried by The New York Times on December 27, 2019 is a list of outstanding Jews who have âcontributed (to the world) so seminally to so many of its most path breaking ideas and innovationsâ. Here they are: âSarah Bernhardt and Franz... Read More (/article/sighing-at-the-secrets-of-jewish-genius/)
The 1619 Project Devours Its Liberal Parents (/article/the-1619-project-devours-its-liberal-parents/)
Robert Hampton (/author/robert-hampton/)
â¢Â 165 Comments (/article/the-1619-project-devours-its-liberal-parents/#comments)
The New York Times Magazineâs 1619 Project is the future of American education. Buffalo Public Schools announced this month that the essay series will now be mandatory for its students and other school districts are soon to follow. The news was greeted with grumbles from acclaimed historians and conservatives, who despise 1619 Projectâs attacks on... Read More (/article/the-1619-project-devours-its-liberal-parents/)
The Last Days of the "Holocaust" (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/)
Eric Striker (/author/eric-striker/)
â¢Â 752 Comments (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/?showcomments#comments)
Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most institutionally reviled, criminally punished and socially persecuted field of research in modern Western history. Yet, on the much publicized 75th anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz, the gatekeepers of the Holocaust continue to give ground, kicking and screaming along the way. The latest example is a new book... Read More (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/)
The Assassins Are Back! (/ishamir/the-assassins-are-back/)
Israel Shamir (/author/israel-shamir/)
â¢Â 135 Comments (/ishamir/the-assassins-are-back/#comments)
Ron Unz, the fearless disturber of established dogma, has published a long essay connecting together some of his earlier texts under the title Mossad Assassinations. I like his natural style, his lack of pathos and drama. He does not lecture you, but shares his progress with you; what did he discover today, and how did... Read More (/ishamir/the-assassins-are-back/)
U.S in the Middle-East: Preparing for Disaster (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/)
The Saker (/author/the-saker/)
â¢Â 272 Comments (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/#comments)
Lies, damn lies and statistics Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Syria. First they claimed that there were no injured U.S. personnel, only to eventually have to fess up that 34 soldiers had suffered traumatic brain injury... Read More (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/)
Diversity or Socialism? (/estriker/diversity-or-socialism/)
Eric Striker (/author/eric-striker/)
â¢Â 184 Comments (/estriker/diversity-or-socialism/#comments)
It's past 2 AM and the results of the Iowa caucus are still not in. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is being blamed. The Iowa caucusers relied on an app that is apparently malfunctioning, leading to Bernie Bro speculation that the plutocrats who control the DNC simply don't like the results and are simply... Read More (/estriker/diversity-or-socialism/)
Trump Green Lights Greater Israel (/pgiraldi/trump-green-lights-greater-israel/)
Palestinians lose again
Philip Giraldi (/author/philip-giraldi/)
â¢Â 290 Comments (/pgiraldi/trump-green-lights-greater-israel/#comments)
Many interested parties have already weighed in on President Donald Trumpâs âDeal of the Century.â Even though it sounds like a phrase that a used car dealer would use, the âDealâ is dead serious in that it effectively denies to the Palestinians in perpetuum any political entity that has attributes of genuine sovereignty. Israel, which... Read More (/pgiraldi/trump-green-lights-greater-israel/)
The "Repo" Fiasco; the Fed's Cash Injections Send Stocks Soaring (/mwhitney/the-repo-fiasco-the-feds-cash-injections-send-stocks-soaring/)
Mike Whitney (/author/mike-whitney/)
â¢Â 153 Comments (/mwhitney/the-repo-fiasco-the-feds-cash-injections-send-stocks-soaring/#comments)
A five-alarm fire has broken out in a little known, but critically important area of the financial system where high-quality bonds are swapped for cash. The "repo" market, which is short for repurchase agreements, is part of the nondeposit, shadow banking system that remains largely unregulated despite the fact that it was ground zero in... Read More (/mwhitney/the-repo-fiasco-the-feds-cash-injections-send-stocks-soaring/)
Brexit Happening: Charles de Gaulle, Noted Anglo-Skeptic, Vindicated Beyond the Grave (/gdurocher/brexit-happening-charles-de-gaulle-noted-anglo-skeptic-vindicated-beyond-the-grave/)
Guillaume Durocher (/author/guillaume-durocher/)
â¢Â 169 Comments (/gdurocher/brexit-happening-charles-de-gaulle-noted-anglo-skeptic-vindicated-beyond-the-grave/#comments)
After a great deal of delay and kvetching, Brexit is finally happening. This doesnât mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. While leftists may hysterically accuse Boris Johnson of being âracistâ â seemingly only for speaking humorously of burqas as resembling letter-boxes â the Prime Minister and his multicultural team can be... Read More (/gdurocher/brexit-happening-charles-de-gaulle-noted-anglo-skeptic-vindicated-beyond-the-grave/)
Her Name Is Katie Thyne: 24-Year-Old White Police Officer Murdered by Black Career Criminal (Who Feds Could Have Locked Away for Armed Robbery Months Ago, But Refused) (/sbpdl/her-name-is-katie-thyne-24-year-old-white-police-officer-murdered-by-black-career-criminal-who-feds-could-have-locked-away-for-armed-robbery-months-ago-but-refused/)
Paul Kersey (/author/paul-kersey/)
â¢Â 60 Comments (/sbpdl/her-name-is-katie-thyne-24-year-old-white-police-officer-murdered-by-black-career-criminal-who-feds-could-have-locked-away-for-armed-robbery-months-ago-but-refused/#comments)
Previously on SBPDL:Black Cop Killer in Indianapolis SUES White Cop He Killed for $2.3 Million White police officers lives don't matter, unless an individual white police officer's life can be used by the corporate media to attack the entire profession as hopelessly racist. We all know the truth about white police and black criminals, with... Read More (/sbpdl/her-name-is-katie-thyne-24-year-old-white-police-officer-murdered-by-black-career-criminal-who-feds-could-have-locked-away-for-armed-robbery-months-ago-but-refused/)
Fifteen Years Before Kennedy, Zionists Murdered Forrestal (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/)
Laurent Guyénot (/author/laurent-guyenot/)
â¢Â 146 Comments (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/#comments)
In the 1990s, a couple of bestsellers brought to the knowledge of a large public the fact that JFKâs assassination in 1963 solved an intense crisis over Israelâs secret nuclear program. In one of his last letters to Kennedy, quoted by Seymour Hersh in The Samson Option (1991), Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion complained: âMr. President,... Read More (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/)
Do You Know All Coronavirus Victims Appear to be Chinese? Thought Not (/article/do-you-know-all-coronavirus-victims-appear-to-be-chinese-thought-not/)
Lance Welton (/author/lance-welton/)
â¢Â 44 Comments (/article/do-you-know-all-coronavirus-victims-appear-to-be-chinese-thought-not/#comments)
At the time of writing, 170 people have died of the Wuhan Coronavirus [Coronavirus Live Updates: Death Toll Rises, as Foreigners are Evacuated, New York Times, January 30, 2020], though that number is bound to have increased by the time this article is published. All of these deaths have been in China. The disease has... Read More (/article/do-you-know-all-coronavirus-victims-appear-to-be-chinese-thought-not/)
Film Review: "Richard Jewell" (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/)
Trevor Lynch (/author/trevor-lynch/)
â¢Â 154 Comments (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/#comments)
2019 was the year of the âfrustrated-white-loser-living-at- home-with-his-momâ movie. First there was Todd Phillipsâ Joker, an origin story of Batmanâs most memorable nemesis, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the clown himself. Then came Clint Eastwoodâs Richard Jewell, the true story of a Georgia security guard who discovered the Centennial Olympic Park bomb in 1996. Jewell alerted... Read More (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/)
The Holocaust, the BBC and Antisemitism Smears (/jcook/the-holocaust-the-bbc-and-antisemitism-smears/)
Jonathan Cook (/author/jonathan-cook/)
â¢Â 96 Comments (/jcook/the-holocaust-the-bbc-and-antisemitism-smears/#comments)
Senior BBC news reporter Orla Guerin has found herself in hot water of an increasingly familiar kind. During a report on preparations for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, she made a brief reference to Israel and an even briefer reference to the Palestinians. Her reporting coincided with... Read More (/jcook/the-holocaust-the-bbc-and-antisemitism-smears/)
Democrats Impeach Trump for Withholding Arms to Neo-Nazis in Ukraine (/article/democrats-impeach-trump-for-withholding-arms-to-neo-nazis-in-ukraine/)
Max Parry (/author/max-parry/)
â¢Â 88 Comments (/article/democrats-impeach-trump-for-withholding-arms-to-neo-nazis-in-ukraine/#comments)
On December 18th, Donald Trump became the third U.S. president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. The second to be indicted before completing a first term, the 45th commander-in-chief must now survive a Senate trial before seeking reelection later this year. As many nonpartisan analysts predicted, the charges appear to have... Read More (/article/democrats-impeach-trump-for-withholding-arms-to-neo-nazis-in-ukraine/)
"Jews Selling Blacks" Book Stirs Reparations Movement (/article/jews-selling-blacks-book-stirs-reparations-movement/)
NOI Research Group (/author/noi-research-group/)
â¢Â 66 Comments (/article/jews-selling-blacks-book-stirs-reparations-movement/#comments)
It was inevitable that the Black Reparations debate would ultimately shine a spotlight on those who profited the most from the 500-year destruction of Black civilization. The selective banning by Amazon of the Nation of Islamâs The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews book series was a clear indication of how skittish Jews have become... Read More (/article/jews-selling-blacks-book-stirs-reparations-movement/)
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Plain of Jars University (/ldinh/plain-of-jars-university/)
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Paris Still Failing to Integrate-the-Poor, as Required by Law (/gdurocher/paris-still-failing-to-integrate-the-poor-as-required-by-law/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 33 Comments (/gdurocher/paris-still-failing-to-integrate-the-poor-as-required-by-law/#comments)
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Why Both Republicans and Democrats Want Russia to Become the Enemy of Choice (/pgiraldi/why-both-republicans-and-democrats-want-russia-to-become-the-enemy-of-choice/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 27 Comments (/pgiraldi/why-both-republicans-and-democrats-want-russia-to-become-the-enemy-of-choice/#comments)
Trump Green Lights Greater Israel (/pgiraldi/trump-green-lights-greater-israel/)
February 4, 2020 â¢Â 290 Comments (/pgiraldi/trump-green-lights-greater-israel/#comments)
The Mysterious Michael DâAndrea: Was the C.I.A.âs Iran Mission Center Chief Shot Down? (/pgiraldi/the-mysterious-michael-dandrea-was-the-c-i-a-s-iran-mission-center-chief-shot-down/)
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How Joking About Life Turned Life Into a Joke (/ejones/how-joking-about-life-turned-life-into-a-joke/)
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Trump/Bibi/Adelson Buy the Senate (/emargolis/trump-bibi-adelson-buy-the-senate/)
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30 Years Since F. W. de Klerkâs Great Betrayal (/imercer/30-years-since-f-w-de-klerks-great-betrayal/)
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Corporate Crap That Doesn't Kill Bernie Just Makes Him Stronger (/trall/corporate-crap-that-doesnt-kill-bernie-just-makes-him-stronger/)
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China and America: Scoping Out the Megacepts (/freed/china-and-america-scoping-out-the-megacepts/)
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The Consequence of Globalism Is World Instability (/proberts/the-consequence-of-globalism-is-world-instability/)
February 5, 2020
As the Democratic Party Hates âTrump Deplorables,â How Can It Represent White People? (/proberts/as-the-democratic-party-hates-trump-deplorables-how-can-it-represent-white-people/)
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Channel Islam (South Africa) Interview on âDeal of the Century,â Impeachment (/audio/kbarrett_channel-islam-south-africa-interview-on-deal-of-the-century-impeachment/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â Leave a Comment (/audio/kbarrett_channel-islam-south-africa-interview-on-deal-of-the-century-impeachment/#comments)
Michael Howard (American Herald Tribune) on âthe Iranian Black Legendâ (/audio/kbarrett_michael-howard-american-herald-tribune-on-the-iranian-black-legend/)
February 3, 2020 â¢Â 2 Comments (/audio/kbarrett_michael-howard-american-herald-tribune-on-the-iranian-black-legend/#comments)
Ron Jacobs (Counterpunch) on 1960-1970s, Iran, Impeachment (/audio/kbarrett_ron-jacobs-counterpunch-on-1960-1970s-iran-impeachment/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 3 Comments (/audio/kbarrett_ron-jacobs-counterpunch-on-1960-1970s-iran-impeachment/#comments)
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The Assassins Are Back! (/ishamir/the-assassins-are-back/)
February 3, 2020 â¢Â 135 Comments (/ishamir/the-assassins-are-back/#comments)
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Human Diversity: the Interpretable Mosaic (/jthompson/human-diversity-the-interpretable-mosaic/)
February 7, 2020 â¢Â 4 Comments (/jthompson/human-diversity-the-interpretable-mosaic/#comments)
Daddy, Don't Speed (/jthompson/daddy-dont-speed/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 28 Comments (/jthompson/daddy-dont-speed/#comments)
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Saboteurs Exhibit Appalling Callousness in Times of Crisis (/avltchek/saboteurs-exhibit-appalling-callousness-in-times-of-crisis/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 4 Comments (/avltchek/saboteurs-exhibit-appalling-callousness-in-times-of-crisis/#comments)
Coronavirus - China Fights Determinately, While Others Smear! (/avltchek/coronavirus-china-fights-determinately-while-others-smear/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 4 Comments (/avltchek/coronavirus-china-fights-determinately-while-others-smear/#comments)
B (/mwhitney/) Mike Whitney / Economic CounterPuncher (/author/mike-whitney/)
Gas Wars in the Mediterranean (/mwhitney/gas-wars-in-the-mediterranean/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 23 Comments (/mwhitney/gas-wars-in-the-mediterranean/#comments)
Recent Blog Posts
T (/author/steve-sailer/) Steve Sailer / Human Biodiversity (/isteve/)
Vox: Here's a Cool New Racist Way to Demean White Women: Call Them Karens! (/isteve/vox-a-cool-new-way-to-demean-white-women/)
February 7, 2020 â¢Â 47 Comments (/isteve/vox-a-cool-new-way-to-demean-white-women/#comments)
The Present of the American Wokeplace Comes for Liz Warren's Campaign (/isteve/the-present-of-the-american-wokeplace-comes-for-liz-warrens-campaign/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 59 Comments (/isteve/the-present-of-the-american-wokeplace-comes-for-liz-warrens-campaign/#comments)
Witness-Murdering (/isteve/witness-murdering/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 111 Comments (/isteve/witness-murdering/#comments)
All We Need Now from Iowa Is a Florida 2000-Like 35 Day Recount (/isteve/all-we-need-now-from-iowa-is-a-florida-2000-like-35-day-recount/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 176 Comments (/isteve/all-we-need-now-from-iowa-is-a-florida-2000-like-35-day-recount/#comments)
U. of California Faculty Endorses SAT/ACT Testing (/isteve/u-of-california-faculty-endorses-sat-act-testing/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 78 Comments (/isteve/u-of-california-faculty-endorses-sat-act-testing/#comments)
Who Got Paid? (/isteve/who-got-paid/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 99 Comments (/isteve/who-got-paid/#comments)
Why Were American Unions More Mobbed Up Than Overseas Unions? (/isteve/why-were-american-unions-more-mobbed-up-than-overseas-unions/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 84 Comments (/isteve/why-were-american-unions-more-mobbed-up-than-overseas-unions/#comments)
Thom Mayne Lashes Back at Trump's Architecture Initiative (/isteve/thom-mayne-lashes-back-at-trumps-architecture-initiative/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 56 Comments (/isteve/thom-mayne-lashes-back-at-trumps-architecture-initiative/#comments)
NYT Film Critic: "Best Picture" Nominees Are Too White & Male; Sadly, They Are Also Better Than 2019's Less White and Male Movies (/isteve/nyt-film-critic-best-picture-nominees-are-too-white-male-but-also-they-are-better-than-2019s-nonwhite-nonmale-movies/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 66 Comments (/isteve/nyt-film-critic-best-picture-nominees-are-too-white-male-but-also-they-are-better-than-2019s-nonwhite-nonmale-movies/#comments)
Three Theories of the Anti-Admissions Testing Fad (/isteve/three-theories-of-the-anti-admissions-testing-fad/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 73 Comments (/isteve/three-theories-of-the-anti-admissions-testing-fad/#comments)
T (/author/paul-kersey/) Paul Kersey / SBPDL (/sbpdl/)
His Name Is Joseph Bullock: White Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Murdered by Black Male Angry Over His Car Being Towed (/sbpdl/his-name-is-joseph-bullock-white-florida-highway-patrol-trooper-murdered-by-black-male-angry-over-his-car-being-towed/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 10 Comments (/sbpdl/his-name-is-joseph-bullock-white-florida-highway-patrol-trooper-murdered-by-black-male-angry-over-his-car-being-towed/#comments)
Turning White Fictional Characters "Black" Is Still Racist: Barnes & Noble Scraps Plan to Re-Make Classic Novels by Whites "Diverse" Because They Still Celebrate Dead White Authors... (/sbpdl/turning-white-fictional-characters-black-is-still-racist-barnes-noble-scraps-plan-to-re-make-classic-novels-by-whites-diverse-because-they-still-celebrate-dead-white-authors/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 55 Comments (/sbpdl/turning-white-fictional-characters-black-is-still-racist-barnes-noble-scraps-plan-to-re-make-classic-novels-by-whites-diverse-because-they-still-celebrate-dead-white-authors/#comments)
In 2019 Nashville, TN (a 56% White City), Metro Nashville Police Department Crime Data Shows of Known Suspects, Blacks Committed 89% of Nonfatal Shootings and 76% of Homicides (/sbpdl/in-2019-nashville-tn-a-56-white-city-metro-nashville-police-department-crime-data-shows-of-known-suspects-blacks-committed-89-of-nonfatal-shootings-and-76-of-homicides/)
February 4, 2020 â¢Â 40 Comments (/sbpdl/in-2019-nashville-tn-a-56-white-city-metro-nashville-police-department-crime-data-shows-of-known-suspects-blacks-committed-89-of-nonfatal-shootings-and-76-of-homicides/#comments)
Crime Entitlement Is the New Frontier in Civil Rights Movement: Because Too Many Blacks Are in Jail in Iowa, Implicit Bias Training Is Mandatory for Department of Corrections Employees (/sbpdl/crime-entitlement-is-the-new-frontier-for-the-civil-rights-because-too-many-blacks-are-in-jail-in-iowa-implicit-bias-training-is-mandatory-for-department-of-corrections-employees/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 74 Comments (/sbpdl/crime-entitlement-is-the-new-frontier-for-the-civil-rights-because-too-many-blacks-are-in-jail-in-iowa-implicit-bias-training-is-mandatory-for-department-of-corrections-employees/#comments)
Her Name Is Katie Thyne: 24-Year-Old White Police Officer Murdered by Black Career Criminal (Who Feds Could Have Locked Away for Armed Robbery Months Ago, But Refused) (/sbpdl/her-name-is-katie-thyne-24-year-old-white-police-officer-murdered-by-black-career-criminal-who-feds-could-have-locked-away-for-armed-robbery-months-ago-but-refused/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 60 Comments (/sbpdl/her-name-is-katie-thyne-24-year-old-white-police-officer-murdered-by-black-career-criminal-who-feds-could-have-locked-away-for-armed-robbery-months-ago-but-refused/#comments)
Confronting the Great Replacement in Ireland:Â An Interview with K.M. Breakey, Author of the Must-Read "Fearless Men, But Few" (/sbpdl/confronting-the-great-replacement-in-ireland-an-interview-with-k-m-breakey-author-of-the-must-read-fearless-men-but-few/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â 45 Comments (/sbpdl/confronting-the-great-replacement-in-ireland-an-interview-with-k-m-breakey-author-of-the-must-read-fearless-men-but-few/#comments)
CNN Publishes Editorial Attacking President Trump's Coronavirus Task Force as "Too White" and "Lacking Diversity"... Fewer White Faces Is More Important Than Stopping a Global Pandemic (/sbpdl/cnn-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-coronavirus-task-force-as-too-white-and-lacking-diversity-fewer-white-faces-is-more-important-than-stopping-a-global-pandemic/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 56 Comments (/sbpdl/cnn-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-coronavirus-task-force-as-too-white-and-lacking-diversity-fewer-white-faces-is-more-important-than-stopping-a-global-pandemic/#comments)
In 2019 Kansas City, Missouri (a 55% White City), 88% of Known Homicide Suspects Are Non-White (/sbpdl/in-2019-kansas-city-missouri-a-55-white-city-88-of-known-homicide-suspects-are-non-white/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 18 Comments (/sbpdl/in-2019-kansas-city-missouri-a-55-white-city-88-of-known-homicide-suspects-are-non-white/#comments)
City of Hampton, VA Decides Against Becoming Sanctuary for 2nd Amendment Because NAACP Argues Fatal/Nonfatal Gun Crime Is Almost Exclusively Committed by Blacks (/sbpdl/city-of-hampton-va-decides-against-become-sanctuary-for-2nd-amendment-because-naacp-argues-fatal-nonfatal-gun-crime-is-almost-exclusively-committed-by-blacks/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 57 Comments (/sbpdl/city-of-hampton-va-decides-against-become-sanctuary-for-2nd-amendment-because-naacp-argues-fatal-nonfatal-gun-crime-is-almost-exclusively-committed-by-blacks/#comments)
T (/author/anatoly-karlin/) Anatoly Karlin / Russian Reaction (/akarlin/)
Femnats (/akarlin/femnats/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 116 Comments (/akarlin/femnats/#comments)
Visegrad & Med Now Safer Than "Core" Europe (/akarlin/visegrad-med-now-safer-than-core-europe/)
February 5, 2020 â¢Â 184 Comments (/akarlin/visegrad-med-now-safer-than-core-europe/#comments)
Warmest January in Moscow (/akarlin/warmest-january-in-moscow/)
February 3, 2020 â¢Â 138 Comments (/akarlin/warmest-january-in-moscow/#comments)
Ideological Polarization: Video Games Edition (/akarlin/ideological-polarization-video-games-edition/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 95 Comments (/akarlin/ideological-polarization-video-games-edition/#comments)
Where Leftism Is Conservatism (/akarlin/where-leftism-is-conservatism/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 62 Comments (/akarlin/where-leftism-is-conservatism/#comments)
Uzbeks Doing the Jobs That Russians Wouldn't (/akarlin/uzbeks-nazis/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 11 Comments (/akarlin/uzbeks-nazis/#comments)
Many of Russia's Republics Are "National" States (/akarlin/many-of-russias-republics-are-national-states/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 85 Comments (/akarlin/many-of-russias-republics-are-national-states/#comments)
30 Years of McDonald's in Russia (/akarlin/30-years-of-mcdonalds-in-russia/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 123 Comments (/akarlin/30-years-of-mcdonalds-in-russia/#comments)
Our Russia in Data (/akarlin/our-russia-in-data/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 40 Comments (/akarlin/our-russia-in-data/#comments)
Corona FAQ (/akarlin/corona-faq/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 198 Comments (/akarlin/corona-faq/#comments)
T (/author/audacious-epigone/) Audacious Epigone / HBD & GSS (/anepigone/)
Slim Majority Favor Banning Those with Coronavirus from Entering US (/anepigone/slim-majority-favor-banning-those-with-coronavirus-from-entering-us/)
February 6, 2020 â¢Â 21 Comments (/anepigone/slim-majority-favor-banning-those-with-coronavirus-from-entering-us/#comments)
Trump Wins Iowa Caucus (/anepigone/trump-wins-iowa-caucus/)
February 4, 2020 â¢Â 46 Comments (/anepigone/trump-wins-iowa-caucus/#comments)
Auguring Iowa (/anepigone/auguring-iowa/)
February 3, 2020 â¢Â 58 Comments (/anepigone/auguring-iowa/#comments)
Principled Interest (/anepigone/principled-interest/)
February 3, 2020 â¢Â 26 Comments (/anepigone/principled-interest/#comments)
Black Democrats: Gay Sex Is Wrong (/anepigone/black-democrats-gay-sex-is-wrong/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 78 Comments (/anepigone/black-democrats-gay-sex-is-wrong/#comments)
Why Can't I Find a German Egg Donor? (/anepigone/why-cant-i-find-a-german-egg-donor/)
February 2, 2020 â¢Â 114 Comments (/anepigone/why-cant-i-find-a-german-egg-donor/#comments)
My Kids Have Paws (/anepigone/my-kids-have-paws/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 85 Comments (/anepigone/my-kids-have-paws/#comments)
VP Yang? (/anepigone/vp-yang/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 50 Comments (/anepigone/vp-yang/#comments)
Electoral Democratic Civil War (/anepigone/electoral-democratic-civil-war/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 93 Comments (/anepigone/electoral-democratic-civil-war/#comments)
Expats Living in the US as a Percentage of Their Home Countries' Resident Populations (/anepigone/expats-living-in-the-us-as-a-percentage-of-their-home-countries-resident-populations/)
February 1, 2020 â¢Â 19 Comments (/anepigone/expats-living-in-the-us-as-a-percentage-of-their-home-countries-resident-populations/#comments)

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