London Breed for Mayor


It is no secret that we have a housing shortage in San Francisco. We all feel it. We aren’t building enough housing for the people who make this City run: our Muni drivers, our nurses, our teachers, our first responders, and our street cleaners. I refuse to allow this crisis to deepen while people are suffering and struggling to pay rent.

But when I proposed a charter amendment last year that would streamline the creation of 100% affordable housing, we couldn’t even get a majority of Supervisors to vote to put it on the ballot. It is clear that those interested in protecting the status quo are not going to allow these reforms to pass the Board of Supervisors, so I am going to take this directly to you, the voters.

Yesterday, we took an exciting step to fix our broken system for approving and permitting new homes in our City — a system that results in fewer homes being built and higher prices for all of us. I’m proposing Affordable Homes Now, a ballot measure for November 2020 that streamlines the approval for 100% affordable housing and projects that include more on-site affordable homes than currently required by the City. This will eliminate years of delays and unnecessary costs.

The people of San Francisco are tired of elected officials prioritizing politics over good policy, so we’re going to place Affordable Homes Now on the ballot by collecting signatures directly from San Francisco voters.



Sign up now to show your support and help us qualify this measure for the November ballot. We can’t do this without you.

Together, we can be a San Francisco that finally says YES to housing. We can be a San Francisco for ALL of us.


Mayor London Breed

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