From Eric <[email protected]>
Subject We must end our reliance on auricular assurance!
Date February 5, 2020 4:06 PM
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We must end our reliance on auricular assurance!

** Do you believe everything you hear?

Why do elected servants so continuously and repeatedly disappoint us? We must end our reliance on auricular assurance!

That's an important problem, particularly as conservative voters evaluate for whom they should vote in the March 3, 2020, Republican Primary Election.

I've been involved in conservative politics for 43 years. I've seen and experienced a lot of disappointment. Sometimes, I have seen some elected servants stick to their promises, however.

The problem is not in the political candidates or the individuals who win election. The problem is actually in the method of evaluation of voters. It's really in a Shakespearean term, "auricular assurance."

Before you vote for someone, you, as a voter most evaluate WHY you're supporting him or her. Have they merely given you auricular assurance of their intentions? Have they merely told you verbally "I'm conservative" or "here's my experience" or the like.

If so, then you, as a voter are relying upon what is likely false auricular assurance of how that person will behave in office. Instead, voters should rely upon track records. People who have been involved in political work for long periods of time or who have been involved in other activities related to their careers for lengthy periods are always more reliable.

President Ronald Reagan had fought for conservative causes for two decades before the American People elected him as President in 1980. We knew President Reagan was the real deal.

I've received endorsements or recommendations from three highly-respected conservative organizations: the Texas Patriots PAC, Empower Texans, and the Montgomery County Tea Party PAC. In each of those instances, the people endorsing know me very well. They know I've been involved in conservative politics working side-by-side with them for a long time. They know I've worked in a successful law practice as a civil litigation attorney for 31 years. They know me. They're not merely relying upon auricular assurance. They may know my sense of humor is quirky and that I do some things personally that are unusual (such as writing thousands of conservative articles in a newspaper, doing LEGO construction, or climbing mountains). But, through all of the quirkiness, they know I'm reliably conservative in my values and my behavior in the realm of politics.

Please do not vote for anyone, including Eric Yollick, based upon auricular assurance. Please vote based upon the person's actions.

The bottom line: Avoid auricular assurances; cast your vote based upon ocular assurances.

Eric Yollick

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