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Subject Will Trump Prove to Be Another Romney?
Date May 4, 2023 7:33 PM
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Will Trump Prove to Be Another Romney? [[link removed]] May 4, 2023

President Biden’s team hopes the 2024 race will mirror the last one. It won’t, if Republicans are smart.

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Polling News & Notes

Fear Moves Younger Voters [[link removed]] May 4, 2023

A new poll from Harvard’s Kennedy School Institute of Politics tells us that anxieties among young voters on many issues are driving them to vote at near record levels.

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On The Air

Swing States Could Flip In 2024 If Trump Isn't The Nominee: Karl Rove [[link removed]] Apr. 30, 2023

Fox News contributor Karl Rove discusses polling that shows a majority of Americans do not want a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 on 'Sunday Night In America.'

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This Week's Recommended Readings

Five Reasons Why Biden Might Lose in 2024 [[link removed]] Apr. 27, 2023 Ruy Teixeria | Liberal Patriot

Biden, to no one’s surprise, just declared for re-election. The general consensus in Democratic circles appears to be that since he is likely to face Trump in a re-match and Trump is toxic among large sections of the electorate, Biden will pull out the win.

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Don’t Call Scandinavian Countries ‘Socialist’ [[link removed]] Apr. 18, 2023 Lawrence W. Reed | FEE

One of the great delusions of our day is that Scandinavian countries are “socialist” and so America should be socialist too.

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Republicans Aren't Disappearing — And May Even Be Growing Stronger [[link removed]] May 3, 2023 Michael Barone | Washington Examiner

Reports of the death of the Republican Party continue to be premature.

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This week's Recommended Podcast

Understanding America’s Shifting Political Coalitions [[link removed]] James Pethokoukis and Ruy Teixeira | AEI

The Democratic and Republican parties have experienced substantial shifts in recent years, from each party’s demographic makeup to its policy priorities.

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