New Hampshire Primary In:

John — Tonight, Iowa has the chance to deliver a wake-up call for Republicans everywhere. 

Since Trump’s victory in 2016, the so-called “blue wave” has carried Democrats to historic margins of victory, in the House and in state and local races across the country. And that wave is getting ready to make landfall again in 2020. Unless we elect a new leader for our party, we run the risk of this blue wave knocking out the Republican Party for good.

The party as we know it will go extinct under another 4 years of Trump unless folks wake up and realize there is another path for our country and our party.

Regardless of which Democrat wins Iowa or is elected the party’s nominee later this year, they will have the support of the millions of Americans galvanized against a president that is shamelessly corrupt.

Would you want to vote for the guy who let innocent kids die in cages, alone and separated from their families? Would you want to vote for the guy who flouts his distaste for the rule of law?

I don’t think you would, and that’s why I need your help. 

I want to show conservative Americans that there IS another way. There IS a strong, principled, conservative leader in this race who, if nominated, would stop the Democrat’s blue wave right in its tracks.

But to do that, I need you to help me make a splash in New Hampshire in just a couple of days. Do you think you could chip in $25, $50, or whatever you can today to our New Hampshire Victory Fund to help lead us to victory on February 11th?

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