John – we just had our Saturday morning deployment of college students to walk door-to-door to help elect Carl DeMaio to Congress (see the amazing pictures in the link below).

Amazing news: we have over 50 college students working on Carl DeMaio’s campaign — proving that there ARE dedicated conservatives still on college campuses.

Here’s the bad news: we have another 26 college students on the waiting list to join the campaign because we lack the funds to hire them.

1) These dedicated college students are walking door-to-door for Carl, reaching undecided voters, and are crucial to our fight to SAVE the 50th Congressional District! The downside: we need to raise $18,250 to fully fund this program.

2) We must support conservatives on college campuses! Every student we hire becomes an ambassador on their campus to push back against liberal indoctrination.

3) You can sponsor a college student for this program: $50 will hire a college student for a day — $250 will keep them working the campaign for a whole week!

Can you sponsor a college student for either a day or a week?


Will you chip in at least $35 to help expand our College Program?

Chip in $35
Chip in $50
Chip in $100
Chip in $250
Or donate another amount

Please contribute WHATEVER amount you can so we can hire these college students and support conservative thought on campus while also reaching voters door-to-door to get Carl DeMaio elected to Congress on March 3!

Here are some pictures of the college students out in the neighborhoods: Turn on images to see some of our walk program!

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