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Subject The Unz Digest- October 31, 2020
Date January 31, 2020 8:57 PM
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The Unz Review Digest - January 31, 2020

This month has easily shattered all our traffic records, though for unfortunate reasons, starting with the aftermath of Americaâs assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and ending with the appearance of the Coronavirus in China. Our website readership is now up by almost 50% in the last two years, according to Alexa now putting us far ahead of either The New Republic or The Nation.

Easily ranking first this last week was my own exceptionally long article on the Israeli Mossad, which ran over 27,000 words. Starting from the weighty and well-reviewed 2018 book by Ronen Bergman and incorporating in the previous works by Victor Ostrovsky and various other writers, I make the highly controversial case that organization was very likely responsible for both the JFK assassination and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as well as the likely assassinations of various other high-ranking American public figures during the post-war era, a thesis that has already attracted over 50,000 words of contentious comments. The fifth-ranking piece by French researcher Laurent Guyenot focused primarily upon one of these particular cases, strongly arguing that Zionist agents in 1949 probably murdered James Forrestal, our countryâs first Secretary of Defense.

In a photo-finish, our second and third most popular articles were both on the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in China by Godfree Roberts and Anatoly Karlin respectively, together attracting nearly 70,000 words of comments taking all sides of the issue, and providing numerous contradictory speculations on the origins and potential impact.

Coming up very fast as our fourth most popular piece was Erik Strikerâs discussion of a newly released study by the former director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, suggesting that the many decades of lurid charges regarding the activities of Dr. Joseph Mengele in World War II Nazi concentration camps are apparently fraudulent hoaxes, and his main historical role was apparently that of saving huge numbers of Jewish lives from a typhus epidemic. Striker argues that this latest revelation suggests that the entire narrative of the âJewish Holocaustâ that has dominated the Western media for the last couple of generations is almost entirely fraudulent as well, and may now be close to the point of collapse. This controversial subject has quickly attracted over 35,000 words of comments.

Finally, rounding out our most popular featured articles was Kevin MacDonald piece focusing on the unstated ethnic dimension of the Trump impeachment hearings, with Trumpâs leading Democratic opponents being overwhelmingly Jewish.
American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/)
Ron Unz (/author/ron-unz/)
â¢Â 376 Comments (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/#comments)
The January 2nd American assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani of Iran was an event of enormous moment. Gen. Soleimani had been the highest-ranking military figure in his nation of 80 million, and with a storied career of 30 years, one of the most universally popular and highly regarded. Most analysts ranked him second in influence... Read More (/runz/american-pravda-mossad-assassinations/)
Coronavirus: the Dark Side (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/)
Godfree Roberts (/author/godfree-roberts/)
â¢Â 262 Comments (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/#comments)
Vioxx killed 500,000 Americans: a toll that could have been reduced by 90% had the FDA issued a timely warning. Pharmaceuticals, correctly and legally prescribed, kill 140,000 Americans each year, yet most people are unaware of their lethality and do not know how to a prevent being killed this way. Coronavirus deaths are few, its... Read More (/article/coronavirus-the-dark-side/)
Can't Quarantine the Corona-Chan (/akarlin/cant-quarantine-the-corona-chan/)
Anatoly Karlin (/author/anatoly-karlin/)
â¢Â 409 Comments (/akarlin/cant-quarantine-the-corona-chan/#comments)
The Last Days of the "Holocaust" (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/)
Eric Striker (/author/eric-striker/)
â¢Â 310 Comments (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/#comments)
Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most institutionally reviled, criminally punished and socially persecuted field of research in modern Western history. Yet, on the much publicized 75th anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz, the gatekeepers of the Holocaust continue to give ground, kicking and screaming along the way. The latest example is a new book... Read More (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/)
Fifteen Years Before Kennedy, Zionists Murdered Forrestal (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/)
Laurent Guyénot (/author/laurent-guyenot/)
â¢Â 131 Comments (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/#comments)
In the 1990s, a couple of bestsellers brought to the knowledge of a large public the fact that JFKâs assassination in 1963 solved an intense crisis over Israelâs secret nuclear program. In one of his last letters to Kennedy, quoted by Seymour Hersh in The Samson Option (1991), Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion complained: âMr. President,... Read More (/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/)
The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between Americaâs Competing Elites? (/article/the-trump-impeachment-a-clash-between-americas-competing-elites/)
Kevin MacDonald (/author/kevin-macdonald/)
â¢Â 173 Comments (/article/the-trump-impeachment-a-clash-between-americas-competing-elites/#comments)
Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? Itâs a dangerous question even to ask. The Christian news outlet TruNews was labeled an anti-Semitic conspiracy-theory website and banned by a Jewish-dominated companyâYouTubeâfor saying so. [2 Jewish Congress members want White House to shun news outlet that called Trump impeachment effort âJew Coupâ, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, December... Read More (/article/the-trump-impeachment-a-clash-between-americas-competing-elites/)
The Battle for Auschwitz â II (/ishamir/battle-for-auschwitz-ii/)
Israel Shamir (/author/israel-shamir/)
â¢Â 353 Comments (/ishamir/battle-for-auschwitz-ii/#comments)
These days, Jerusalem could compete with Davos and Bilderberg. Most distinguished, high and mighty gentlemen have met here, at the Auschwitz Forum in Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center: kings, presidents, prime ministers; a living proof the Jews have some pull in the world. The British Court of St James was represented by Prince... Read More (/ishamir/battle-for-auschwitz-ii/)
U.S in the Middle-East: Preparing for Disaster (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/)
The Saker (/author/the-saker/)
â¢Â 175 Comments (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/#comments)
Lies, damn lies and statistics Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Syria. First they claimed that there were no injured U.S. personnel, only to eventually have to fess up that 34 soldiers had suffered traumatic brain injury... Read More (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/)
By Any Other Name (/article/by-any-other-name/)
The Hostile Media & Anti-White Violence
Richard Houck (/author/richard-houck/)
â¢Â 165 Comments (/article/by-any-other-name/#comments)
Do white people deserve to die for uttering the word âniggerâ? Blacks, prompted by the mainstream media, increasingly say âYes.â The intersectional natureâyes, Iâm taking intersectionality from the Left; Iâm coming for it allâof an anti-white media and the propensity for extreme violence among blacks is creating an increasingly dangerous environment for whites. We are... Read More (/article/by-any-other-name/)
Killing Free Speech in America (/pgiraldi/killing-free-speech-in-america/)
Friends of Israel find that it cuts two ways
Philip Giraldi (/author/philip-giraldi/)
â¢Â 156 Comments (/pgiraldi/killing-free-speech-in-america/#comments)
No group in the United States has labored so hard as the friends of Israel to destroy the First Amendment to the Constitution, which commits the government to prohibit any âabridging the freedom of speechâ¦or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.â Ironically, of course, Congressmen and government officials who have taken an oath... Read More (/pgiraldi/killing-free-speech-in-america/)
His Name Is Matthew Carter: White 17-Year-Old High School Senior in Louisiana Murdered in "Carjacking Gone Wrong" by Two Black Teenagers (Aged 13 and 14) (/sbpdl/his-name-is-matthew-carter-white-17-year-old-high-school-senior-in-louisiana-murdered-in-carjacking-gone-wrong-by-two-black-teenagers-aged-13-and-14/)
Paul Kersey (/author/paul-kersey/)
â¢Â 87 Comments (/sbpdl/his-name-is-matthew-carter-white-17-year-old-high-school-senior-in-louisiana-murdered-in-carjacking-gone-wrong-by-two-black-teenagers-aged-13-and-14/#comments)
PK Note: If you haven't, pick up a copy of Their Lives Matter Too. It documents scores of black on white homicides over the past 10 years you've never, ever heard of. He was a senior in high school, with his whole life in front of him. He had aspirations, goals, and was filled with... Read More (/sbpdl/his-name-is-matthew-carter-white-17-year-old-high-school-senior-in-louisiana-murdered-in-carjacking-gone-wrong-by-two-black-teenagers-aged-13-and-14/)
Why Big Brother Fears Qassem Soleimani (/kbarrett/why-big-brother-fears-qassem-soleimani-hes-the-che-guevara-of-the-21st-century/)
Heâs the Che Guevara of the 21st Century
Kevin Barrett (/author/kevin-barrett/)
â¢Â 227 Comments (/kbarrett/why-big-brother-fears-qassem-soleimani-hes-the-che-guevara-of-the-21st-century/#comments)
He was the 21st centuryâs most accomplished military leaderâand a deeply spiritual man. Before they killed him, they didnât even want you to know his name. After martyring him, they realized their mistakeâand pulled out all the stops to stop you from finding out that he was a great man, a modern-day Che Guevara. An... Read More (/kbarrett/why-big-brother-fears-qassem-soleimani-hes-the-che-guevara-of-the-21st-century/)
Dead President Walking (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/)
C.J. Hopkins (/author/c-j-hopkins/)
â¢Â 81 Comments (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/#comments)
I never thought Iâd hear myself say this, but Iâm a little worried about Donald Trump. Iâm worried he may be on the verge of a sudden, major heart attack, or a stroke, or a fatal golfing accident. Food poisoning is another possibility. Or he could overdose on prescription medication. A tanning bed mishap is... Read More (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/)
Hillary Puts Bernie Into Her Basket of Deplorables (/pbuchanan/hillary-puts-bernie-into-her-basket-of-deplorables/)
Pat Buchanan (/author/pat-buchanan/)
â¢Â 186 Comments (/pbuchanan/hillary-puts-bernie-into-her-basket-of-deplorables/#comments)
"Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician." So says Hillary Clinton of her former Senate colleague and 2016 rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. Her assessment of Sanders' populist-socialist agenda? "It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked... Read More (/pbuchanan/hillary-puts-bernie-into-her-basket-of-deplorables/)
The Federal Assembly Speech; Putin Vows to Rein in Capitalism and Shore Up Sovereignty (/mwhitney/the-federal-assembly-speech-putin-vows-to-reign-in-capitalism-and-shore-up-sovereignty/)
Mike Whitney (/author/mike-whitney/)
â¢Â 219 Comments (/mwhitney/the-federal-assembly-speech-putin-vows-to-reign-in-capitalism-and-shore-up-sovereignty/#comments)
Western elites and their lackeys in the media despise Russian president Vladimir Putin and they make no bones about it. The reasons for this should be fairly obvious. Putin has rolled back US ambitions in Syria and Ukraine, aligned himself with Washington's biggest strategic rival in Asia, China, and is currently strengthening his economic ties... Read More (/mwhitney/the-federal-assembly-speech-putin-vows-to-reign-in-capitalism-and-shore-up-sovereignty/)
Netflixâs (And Israelâs) The Spy (/article/netflixs-and-israels-the-spy/)
Taylor McClain (/author/taylor-mcclain/)
â¢Â 87 Comments (/article/netflixs-and-israels-the-spy/#comments)
If the title of this review surprises you, it shouldnât. Do not be disillusioned â this multi-part spy saga is transparent propaganda, promoted (if not partly financed, I suspect) by Israel. Itâs as Kosher as Rosenfeldâs bagels. But first, the story. It concerns a Sephardic Jewish man, Eli Cohen, born in Alexandria, Egypt. By posing... Read More (/article/netflixs-and-israels-the-spy/)
Sexbots, Robots, Neural Networks, Weird Oriental Games, and the Spores of Skynet (/freed/sexbots-robots-neural-networks-weird-oriental-games-and-the-spores-of-skynet/)
Fred Reed (/author/fred-reed/)
â¢Â 84 Comments (/freed/sexbots-robots-neural-networks-weird-oriental-games-and-the-spores-of-skynet/#comments)
oday we will have Profound Thought. Actually itâs the only kind we ever have in this corner of the internet. Thunderous insight. Volcanic perceptiveness. That sort of thing. Anyway, some slightly addled questions about robots, and sexbots and their relations with people and how smart they are or arenât. For example, can you love a... Read More (/freed/sexbots-robots-neural-networks-weird-oriental-games-and-the-spores-of-skynet/)
Queen Elizabeth Beats Hollywood and the Stumblebum Sussexes (/imercer/queen-elizabeth-beats-hollywood-and-the-stumblebum-sussexes/)
Ilana Mercer (/author/ilana-mercer/)
â¢Â 65 Comments (/imercer/queen-elizabeth-beats-hollywood-and-the-stumblebum-sussexes/#comments)
His wife, a hero of sorts only in the TV series âSuits,â had hightailed it to Canada, leaving Harry Windsor, formerly known as Prince Harry, to deliver a concession speech. Make no mistakeâno matter the moola they rake in, Harry and Meghan Markle have been sorely defeated and deflated. Earlier in January 2020, the stumblebum... Read More (/imercer/queen-elizabeth-beats-hollywood-and-the-stumblebum-sussexes/)
America Catches Coronavirus Panic (/jderbyshire/america-catches-coronavirus-panic/)
John Derbyshire (/author/john-derbyshire/)
â¢Â 103 Comments (/jderbyshire/america-catches-coronavirus-panic/#comments)
Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively at Health hysteria goes viral. There are screaming headlines all over. Drudge Report: OUTBREAK OVERWHELMS ⦠DOCTORS COLLAPSE ⦠LOCKDOWN TOO LATE? ⦠New York Post: VIDEOS SHOW "DIRE" SITUATIONS AT CHINESE HOSPITALS AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. That's the online version. My print edition says: A STATE... Read More (/jderbyshire/america-catches-coronavirus-panic/)
Film Review: "Richard Jewell" (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/)
Trevor Lynch (/author/trevor-lynch/)
â¢Â 103 Comments (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/#comments)
2019 was the year of the âfrustrated-white-loser-living-at- home-with-his-momâ movie. First there was Todd Phillipsâ Joker, an origin story of Batmanâs most memorable nemesis, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the clown himself. Then came Clint Eastwoodâs Richard Jewell, the true story of a Georgia security guard who discovered the Centennial Olympic Park bomb in 1996. Jewell alerted... Read More (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/)
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Chinaâs Coronavirus Outbreak Reminds Me of a Polio Epidemic I Survived (/pcockburn/chinas-coronavirus-outbreak-reminds-me-of-a-polio-epidemic-i-survived/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 17 Comments (/pcockburn/chinas-coronavirus-outbreak-reminds-me-of-a-polio-epidemic-i-survived/#comments)
B (/scohen/) Stephen F. Cohen / The Nation's Anti-Cold Warrior (/author/stephen-f-cohen/)
âNobody Ever Gets Points for Saying Anything Good About Russiaâ: Stephen Cohen Says, as Rep. Schiff Spreads Ignorance About Putin (/scohen/nobody-ever-gets-points-for-saying-anything-good-about-russia-stephen-cohen-says-as-rep-schiff-spreads-ignorance-about-putin/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 14 Comments (/scohen/nobody-ever-gets-points-for-saying-anything-good-about-russia-stephen-cohen-says-as-rep-schiff-spreads-ignorance-about-putin/#comments)
B (/jcook/) Jonathan Cook / Our Man from Nazareth (/author/jonathan-cook/)
Trumpâs âdeal of the Centuryâ Wonât Bring Peace â That Was the Plan (/jcook/trumps-deal-of-the-century-wont-bring-peace-that-was-the-plan/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 21 Comments (/jcook/trumps-deal-of-the-century-wont-bring-peace-that-was-the-plan/#comments)
B (/jderbyshire/) John Derbyshire / Immigrant Doomsayer (/author/john-derbyshire/)
America Catches Coronavirus Panic (/jderbyshire/america-catches-coronavirus-panic/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 103 Comments (/jderbyshire/america-catches-coronavirus-panic/#comments)
B (/gdurocher/) Guillaume Durocher / The Alt-French Interpretation (/author/guillaume-durocher/)
Brexit Happening: Charles de Gaulle, Noted Anglo-Skeptic, Vindicated Beyond the Grave (/gdurocher/brexit-happening-charles-de-gaulle-noted-anglo-skeptic-vindicated-beyond-the-grave/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 66 Comments (/gdurocher/brexit-happening-charles-de-gaulle-noted-anglo-skeptic-vindicated-beyond-the-grave/#comments)
B (/pescobar/) Pepe Escobar / A Roving Eye on Globalistan (/author/pepe-escobar/)
Chinaâs Virus Response Has Been âbreathtakingâ (/pescobar/chinas-virus-response-has-been-breathtaking/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 4 Comments (/pescobar/chinas-virus-response-has-been-breathtaking/#comments)
B (/pgiraldi/) Philip Giraldi / National Intelligence (/author/philip-giraldi/)
The Torturers and the âTicking Bombâ: How Torture Became Routine in the Global War on Terror (/pgiraldi/the-torturers-and-the-ticking-bomb-how-torture-became-routine-in-the-global-war-on-terror/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 22 Comments (/pgiraldi/the-torturers-and-the-ticking-bomb-how-torture-became-routine-in-the-global-war-on-terror/#comments)
âWave of Anti-Semitismâ Exaggerated (/pgiraldi/wave-of-anti-semitism-exaggerated/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 44 Comments (/pgiraldi/wave-of-anti-semitism-exaggerated/#comments)
Killing Free Speech in America (/pgiraldi/killing-free-speech-in-america/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 156 Comments (/pgiraldi/killing-free-speech-in-america/#comments)
B (/chopkins/) C.J. Hopkins / Consent Factory Manager (/author/c-j-hopkins/)
Dead President Walking (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 81 Comments (/chopkins/dead-president-walking/#comments)
B (/mhudson/) Michael Hudson / Long-Term Economic Trender (/author/michael-hudson/)
The History of Debt Cancellation and Austerity in Europe (/mhudson/the-history-of-debt-cancellation-and-austerity-in-europe/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 9 Comments (/mhudson/the-history-of-debt-cancellation-and-austerity-in-europe/#comments)
B (/tlynch/) Trevor Lynch / Films Seen from the White Right (/author/trevor-lynch/)
Film Review: "Richard Jewell" (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 103 Comments (/tlynch/film-review-richard-jewell/#comments)
B (/emargolis/) Eric Margolis / War Reporter at the Top of the World (/author/eric-margolis/)
Is Another Black Death on the Way? (/emargolis/is-another-black-death-on-the-way/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 39 Comments (/emargolis/is-another-black-death-on-the-way/#comments)
B (/imercer/) Ilana Mercer / The Paleolibertarian Perspective (/author/ilana-mercer/)
D'oh! Looks Like Democracy Dies In Diversity (/imercer/doh-looks-like-democracy-dies-in-diversity/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 11 Comments (/imercer/doh-looks-like-democracy-dies-in-diversity/#comments)
B (/rpaul/) Ron Paul / Republican Revolutionary (/author/ron-paul/)
A Million Iraqis Asked Us to Leave. We Should Listen. (/rpaul/a-million-iraqis-asked-us-to-leave-we-should-listen/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 18 Comments (/rpaul/a-million-iraqis-asked-us-to-leave-we-should-listen/#comments)
B (/trall/) Ted Rall / A Cartoonist Sketches America (/author/ted-rall/)
Corporate Crap That Doesn't Kill Bernie Just Makes Him Stronger (/trall/corporate-crap-that-doesnt-kill-bernie-just-makes-him-stronger/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â Leave a Comment (/trall/corporate-crap-that-doesnt-kill-bernie-just-makes-him-stronger/#comments)
If This Is a Democracy, Why Don't We Vote for the Vice President, Too? (/trall/if-this-is-a-democracy-why-dont-we-vote-for-the-vice-president-too/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 17 Comments (/trall/if-this-is-a-democracy-why-dont-we-vote-for-the-vice-president-too/#comments)
B (/freed/) Fred Reed / Fred On Everything (/author/fred-reed/)
Sexbots, Robots, Neural Networks, Weird Oriental Games, and the Spores of Skynet (/freed/sexbots-robots-neural-networks-weird-oriental-games-and-the-spores-of-skynet/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 84 Comments (/freed/sexbots-robots-neural-networks-weird-oriental-games-and-the-spores-of-skynet/#comments)
B (/proberts/) Paul Craig Roberts / American Regime Defector (/author/paul-craig-roberts/)
A Well Known Liberal Professor Who Is Expert on Digital Matters Says Google and Social Media Can Easily Throw Elections to the Candidates Preferred by the Elite (/proberts/a-well-known-liberal-professor-who-is-expert-on-digital-matters-says-google-and-social-media-can-easily-throw-elections-to-the-candidates-preferred-by-the-elite/)
January 30, 2020
The Marginalization of White People (/proberts/the-marginalization-of-white-people/)
January 28, 2020
The Global Economy Can Kill Us In More Ways Than One (/proberts/the-global-economy-can-kill-us-in-more-ways-than-one/)
January 25, 2020
The Fate of Post-WWII Germans Deported from Their Homes by the Allies (/proberts/he-fate-of-post-wwii-germans-deported-from-their-homes-by-the-allies/)
January 24, 2020
B (/tsaker/) The Saker / The Saker in His Vineyard (/author/the-saker/)
U.S in the Middle-East: Preparing for Disaster (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 175 Comments (/tsaker/u-s-in-the-middle-east-preparing-for-disaster/#comments)
B (/estriker/) Eric Striker / Striking for National Justice (/author/eric-striker/)
National Justice Exclusive: Anarchist Mob's Plan to Attack NYC Subway System Leaked (/estriker/national-justice-exclusive-anarchist-mobs-plan-to-attack-nyc-subway-system-leaked/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â Leave a Comment (/estriker/national-justice-exclusive-anarchist-mobs-plan-to-attack-nyc-subway-system-leaked/#comments)
The Last Days of the "Holocaust" (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 310 Comments (/estriker/the-last-days-of-the-holocaust/#comments)
Scant Media Coverage of "The Base" Leadership Tells You Everything You Need to Know (/estriker/scant-media-coverage-of-the-base-leadership-tells-you-everything-you-need-to-know/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 5 Comments (/estriker/scant-media-coverage-of-the-base-leadership-tells-you-everything-you-need-to-know/#comments)
Jeremy Christian: Was It Self-Defense? (/estriker/jeremy-christian-was-it-self-defense/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 10 Comments (/estriker/jeremy-christian-was-it-self-defense/#comments)
"Green" Austerity: New York Schools and Prisons Begin Phasing Out Meat In the Name of Climate Change (/estriker/green-austerity-new-york-schools-and-prisons-begin-phasing-out-meat-in-the-name-of-climate-change/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 14 Comments (/estriker/green-austerity-new-york-schools-and-prisons-begin-phasing-out-meat-in-the-name-of-climate-change/#comments)
Podcasts (/audio/channel/kbarrett/) Kevin Barrett / Truth Jihadist (/author/kevin-barrett/)
Discussing âDeal of the Centuryâ with J. Michael Springmann on Press TV; Then Explaining Impeachment to Radio Islam (/audio/kbarrett_discussing-deal-of-the-century-with-j-michael-springmann-on-press-tv-then-explaining-impeachment-to-radio-islam/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 3 Comments (/audio/kbarrett_discussing-deal-of-the-century-with-j-michael-springmann-on-press-tv-then-explaining-impeachment-to-radio-islam/#comments)
Why Big Brother Fears Qassem Soleimani (/kbarrett/why-big-brother-fears-qassem-soleimani-hes-the-che-guevara-of-the-21st-century/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 227 Comments (/kbarrett/why-big-brother-fears-qassem-soleimani-hes-the-che-guevara-of-the-21st-century/#comments)
Two Shia Muslims and a Goat Farmer Walk Into a Radio Show: Part 1 (/audio/kbarrett_two-shia-muslims-and-a-goat-farmer-walk-into-a-radio-show-part-1/) with Charles Messina (/audio/channel/kbarrett/guest/charles_messina/) and Tom Luongo (/audio/channel/kbarrett/guest/tom_luongo/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 1 Comment (/audio/kbarrett_two-shia-muslims-and-a-goat-farmer-walk-into-a-radio-show-part-1/#comments)
Two Shia Muslims and a Goat Farmer Walk Into a Radio Show: Part 2 (/audio/kbarrett_two-shia-muslims-and-a-goat-farmer-walk-into-a-radio-show-part-2/) with Andrew Israel (/audio/channel/kbarrett/guest/andrew_israel/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â Leave a Comment (/audio/kbarrett_two-shia-muslims-and-a-goat-farmer-walk-into-a-radio-show-part-2/#comments)
B (/ishamir/) Israel Shamir / The Russian-Israeli-Russian Perspective (/author/israel-shamir/)
The Battle for Auschwitz â II (/ishamir/battle-for-auschwitz-ii/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 353 Comments (/ishamir/battle-for-auschwitz-ii/#comments)
B (/jthompson/) James Thompson / Psychological Commenter (/author/james-thompson/)
Daddy, Don't Speed (/jthompson/daddy-dont-speed/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 14 Comments (/jthompson/daddy-dont-speed/#comments)
B (/avltchek/) Andre Vltchek / A Photographer Sees the World (/author/andre-vltchek/)
How Is the Murder of General Soleimani Connected to Hong Kong? (/avltchek/how-is-the-murder-of-general-soleimani-connected-to-hong-kong/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 5 Comments (/avltchek/how-is-the-murder-of-general-soleimani-connected-to-hong-kong/#comments)
How Is Washington "Liberating" Free Countries? (/avltchek/how-is-washington-liberating-free-countries/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 8 Comments (/avltchek/how-is-washington-liberating-free-countries/#comments)
The Sadness of Submissive, Quietly Re-Colonized Malaysia (/avltchek/the-sadness-of-submissive-quietly-re-colonized-malaysia/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 33 Comments (/avltchek/the-sadness-of-submissive-quietly-re-colonized-malaysia/#comments)
B (/wwebb/) Whitney Webb / Disentangling Conspiracy Webbs (/author/whitney-webb/)
How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election (/wwebb/how-government-and-media-are-prepping-america-for-a-failed-2020-election/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 14 Comments (/wwebb/how-government-and-media-are-prepping-america-for-a-failed-2020-election/#comments)
B (/mwhitney/) Mike Whitney / Economic CounterPuncher (/author/mike-whitney/)
The "Repo" Fiasco; the Fed's Cash Injections Send Stocks Soaring (/mwhitney/the-repo-fiasco-the-feds-cash-injections-send-stocks-soaring/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 9 Comments (/mwhitney/the-repo-fiasco-the-feds-cash-injections-send-stocks-soaring/#comments)
The Federal Assembly Speech; Putin Vows to Rein in Capitalism and Shore Up Sovereignty (/mwhitney/the-federal-assembly-speech-putin-vows-to-reign-in-capitalism-and-shore-up-sovereignty/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 219 Comments (/mwhitney/the-federal-assembly-speech-putin-vows-to-reign-in-capitalism-and-shore-up-sovereignty/#comments)
Recent Blog Posts
T (/author/steve-sailer/) Steve Sailer / Human Biodiversity (/isteve/)
The 1918 Flu in Samoa: An Unnatural Experiment in Quarantine (/isteve/the-1918-flu-in-samoa-an-unnatural-experiment-in-quarantine/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â 53 Comments (/isteve/the-1918-flu-in-samoa-an-unnatural-experiment-in-quarantine/#comments)
Will the Dems Turn Out to be Bernie vs. Bloomberg? (/isteve/will-the-dems-turn-out-to-be-bernie-vs-bloomberg/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â 90 Comments (/isteve/will-the-dems-turn-out-to-be-bernie-vs-bloomberg/#comments)
Do NYT Subscribers Believe in Pygmies? (/isteve/do-nyt-subscribers-believe-in-pygmies/)
January 31, 2020 â¢Â 35 Comments (/isteve/do-nyt-subscribers-believe-in-pygmies/#comments)
U.S. Army Wants Female-Empowering Robot Avenger Meeting Minder (/isteve/u-s-army-wants-female-empowering-robot-avenger/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 98 Comments (/isteve/u-s-army-wants-female-empowering-robot-avenger/#comments)
Bernie Is Still Mad About the Brooklyn Dodgers (/isteve/bernie-is-still-mad-about-the-brooklyn-dodgers/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 71 Comments (/isteve/bernie-is-still-mad-about-the-brooklyn-dodgers/#comments)
Fallon Fox's Right to Beat Up Women for Money Is, for Some Democrat Intellectuals, the Most Sacred Issue (/isteve/fallon-foxs-right-to-beat-up-women-for-money-is-for-some-democrat-intellectuals-the-most-sacred-issue/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 68 Comments (/isteve/fallon-foxs-right-to-beat-up-women-for-money-is-for-some-democrat-intellectuals-the-most-sacred-issue/#comments)
Liz Proposes Having a Court Eunuch (/isteve/liz-proposes-having-a-court-eunuch/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 78 Comments (/isteve/liz-proposes-having-a-court-eunuch/#comments)
Why Did Whites and Especially Blacks with 120 IQs Lose Income from 1993 to 2014 While Latinos and Especially Asians Prospered? (/isteve/why-did-whites-and-especially-blacks-lose-income-from-1993-to-2014-while-latinos-and-especially-asians-prospered/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 168 Comments (/isteve/why-did-whites-and-especially-blacks-lose-income-from-1993-to-2014-while-latinos-and-especially-asians-prospered/#comments)
Charles Murray's Update to "The Bell Curve" (/isteve/charles-murrays-update-to-the-bell-curve/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 15 Comments (/isteve/charles-murrays-update-to-the-bell-curve/#comments)
Liz Warren's Chronicle of Self-Awareness (/isteve/liz-warrens-chronicle-of-self-awareness/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 62 Comments (/isteve/liz-warrens-chronicle-of-self-awareness/#comments)
T (/author/paul-kersey/) Paul Kersey / SBPDL (/sbpdl/)
CNN Publishes Editorial Attacking President Trump's Coronavirus Task Force as "Too White" and "Lacking Diversity"... Fewer White Faces Is More Important Than Stopping a Global Pandemic (/sbpdl/cnn-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-coronavirus-task-force-as-too-white-and-lacking-diversity-fewer-white-faces-is-more-important-than-stopping-a-global-pandemic/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 22 Comments (/sbpdl/cnn-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-coronavirus-task-force-as-too-white-and-lacking-diversity-fewer-white-faces-is-more-important-than-stopping-a-global-pandemic/#comments)
In 2019 Kansas City, Missouri (a 55% White City), 88% of Known Homicide Suspects Are Non-White (/sbpdl/in-2019-kansas-city-missouri-a-55-white-city-88-of-known-homicide-suspects-are-non-white/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 16 Comments (/sbpdl/in-2019-kansas-city-missouri-a-55-white-city-88-of-known-homicide-suspects-are-non-white/#comments)
City of Hampton, VA Decides Against Becoming Sanctuary for 2nd Amendment Because NAACP Argues Fatal/Nonfatal Gun Crime Is Almost Exclusively Committed by Blacks (/sbpdl/city-of-hampton-va-decides-against-become-sanctuary-for-2nd-amendment-because-naacp-argues-fatal-nonfatal-gun-crime-is-almost-exclusively-committed-by-blacks/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 54 Comments (/sbpdl/city-of-hampton-va-decides-against-become-sanctuary-for-2nd-amendment-because-naacp-argues-fatal-nonfatal-gun-crime-is-almost-exclusively-committed-by-blacks/#comments)
USA Today Publishes Editorial Attacking President Trump's National Security Team as "Too White" and Thus Illegitimate in Our Enlightened Age of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (/sbpdl/usa-today-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-national-security-team-as-too-white-and-thus-illegitimate-in-our-enlightened-age-of-diversity-inclusion-and-equity/)
January 26, 2020 â¢Â 73 Comments (/sbpdl/usa-today-publishes-editorial-attacking-president-trumps-national-security-team-as-too-white-and-thus-illegitimate-in-our-enlightened-age-of-diversity-inclusion-and-equity/#comments)
His Name Is Matthew Carter: White 17-Year-Old High School Senior in Louisiana Murdered in "Carjacking Gone Wrong" by Two Black Teenagers (Aged 13 and 14) (/sbpdl/his-name-is-matthew-carter-white-17-year-old-high-school-senior-in-louisiana-murdered-in-carjacking-gone-wrong-by-two-black-teenagers-aged-13-and-14/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 87 Comments (/sbpdl/his-name-is-matthew-carter-white-17-year-old-high-school-senior-in-louisiana-murdered-in-carjacking-gone-wrong-by-two-black-teenagers-aged-13-and-14/#comments)
Goldman Sachs Declares War on White Men: Refuses IPOs for Companies Lacking "Diversity," Â Whose Directors Are All Straight White Men (/sbpdl/goldman-sachs-declares-war-on-white-men-refuses-ipos-for-companies-lacking-diversity-whose-directors-are-all-straight-white-men/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 53 Comments (/sbpdl/goldman-sachs-declares-war-on-white-men-refuses-ipos-for-companies-lacking-diversity-whose-directors-are-all-straight-white-men/#comments)
Make It Illegal to Give Blacks a Ticket... State of Illinois Reinstates 55,000 Suspended Licenses for Unpaid Parking Tickets Because They Disproportionately Impacted Black People (/sbpdl/make-it-illegal-to-give-blacks-a-ticket-state-of-illinois-reinstates-55000-suspended-licenses-for-unpaid-parking-tickets-because-they-disproportionately-impacted-black-people/)
January 23, 2020 â¢Â 62 Comments (/sbpdl/make-it-illegal-to-give-blacks-a-ticket-state-of-illinois-reinstates-55000-suspended-licenses-for-unpaid-parking-tickets-because-they-disproportionately-impacted-black-people/#comments)
Because of High Levels of Theft, Family Dollar in 98.8% Non-White Community (82% Black) in Jacksonville, Florida Limits Number of People Allowed in Store (/sbpdl/because-of-high-levels-of-theft-family-dollar-in-98-8-non-white-community-82-black-in-jacksonville-florida-limits-number-of-people-allowed-in-store/)
January 22, 2020 â¢Â 60 Comments (/sbpdl/because-of-high-levels-of-theft-family-dollar-in-98-8-non-white-community-82-black-in-jacksonville-florida-limits-number-of-people-allowed-in-store/#comments)
Twenty Six Years After the Fall of Apartheid and Implementation of Black Rule, South Africa Experiencing Nationwide Blackouts as Electricity Grid Collapses (/sbpdl/twenty-six-years-after-the-fall-of-apartheid-and-implementation-of-black-rule-south-africa-experiencing-nationwide-blackouts-as-electricity-grid-collapses/)
January 21, 2020 â¢Â 112 Comments (/sbpdl/twenty-six-years-after-the-fall-of-apartheid-and-implementation-of-black-rule-south-africa-experiencing-nationwide-blackouts-as-electricity-grid-collapses/#comments)
T (/author/audacious-epigone/) Audacious Epigone / HBD & GSS (/anepigone/)
Favorability of Supreme Court Justices by Partisan Affiliation (/anepigone/favorability-of-supreme-court-justices-by-partisan-affiliation/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 54 Comments (/anepigone/favorability-of-supreme-court-justices-by-partisan-affiliation/#comments)
Out of Touch Elite (/anepigone/out-of-touch-elite/)
January 28, 2020 â¢Â 37 Comments (/anepigone/out-of-touch-elite/#comments)
Self-Discipline Sucks? (/anepigone/self-discipline-sucks/)
January 26, 2020 â¢Â 158 Comments (/anepigone/self-discipline-sucks/#comments)
Gun Ownership by Party Over Time (/anepigone/gun-ownership-by-party-over-time/)
January 26, 2020 â¢Â 40 Comments (/anepigone/gun-ownership-by-party-over-time/#comments)
Trump's Enthusiasm Advantage (/anepigone/trumps-enthusiasm-advantage/)
January 25, 2020 â¢Â 30 Comments (/anepigone/trumps-enthusiasm-advantage/#comments)
Butterfly Market (/anepigone/butterfly-market/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 21 Comments (/anepigone/butterfly-market/#comments)
The Unnecessary Invasion? (/anepigone/the-unnecessary-invasion/)
January 23, 2020 â¢Â 95 Comments (/anepigone/the-unnecessary-invasion/#comments)
Zoomer Rectitude (/anepigone/zoomer-rectitude/)
January 21, 2020 â¢Â 101 Comments (/anepigone/zoomer-rectitude/#comments)
T (/author/anatoly-karlin/) Anatoly Karlin / Russian Reaction (/akarlin/)
Our Russia in Data (/akarlin/our-russia-in-data/)
January 30, 2020 â¢Â 29 Comments (/akarlin/our-russia-in-data/#comments)
Corona FAQ (/akarlin/corona-faq/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 102 Comments (/akarlin/corona-faq/#comments)
Chinese Response to Corona Nothing to Write Home About (/akarlin/chinese-response-to-corona-nothing-to-write-home-about/)
January 29, 2020 â¢Â 41 Comments (/akarlin/chinese-response-to-corona-nothing-to-write-home-about/#comments)
Corona Bioerror: Is Steven Pinker About to Get Pwned? (/akarlin/corona-bioerror/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 78 Comments (/akarlin/corona-bioerror/#comments)
The Siege of Leningrad in Long-Term Perspective (/akarlin/the-siege-of-leningrad-in-long-term-perspective/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 49 Comments (/akarlin/the-siege-of-leningrad-in-long-term-perspective/#comments)
Poland Wants Russia to Pay Reparations Gibs (/akarlin/poland-wants-russia-to-pay-reparations-gibs/)
January 27, 2020 â¢Â 51 Comments (/akarlin/poland-wants-russia-to-pay-reparations-gibs/#comments)
Can't Quarantine the Corona-Chan (/akarlin/cant-quarantine-the-corona-chan/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 409 Comments (/akarlin/cant-quarantine-the-corona-chan/#comments)
Russian Nationalists and Constitutional Reform (/akarlin/russian-nationalists-and-constitutional-reform/)
January 24, 2020 â¢Â 93 Comments (/akarlin/russian-nationalists-and-constitutional-reform/#comments)
Ukraine "Census" Finds 37 Million People (/akarlin/ukraine-census-finds-37-million-people/)
January 23, 2020 â¢Â 99 Comments (/akarlin/ukraine-census-finds-37-million-people/#comments)
Russia Challenges the Holocaust Monopoly (/akarlin/russia-challenges-the-holocaust-monopoly/)
January 23, 2020 â¢Â 65 Comments (/akarlin/russia-challenges-the-holocaust-monopoly/#comments)

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